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Thread: Babysitter requesting more milk!!

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    Question Babysitter requesting more milk!!

    hi again
    so far since i've been back to work, things have been good w/ supply or so i think. i pump 2x during work totaling 2-3oz. bottles which i assume are enough. now i recently was told by the sitter that she thinks my daughter needs more milk i guess b/c she gets fussy in-between. i started back at work 2 wks. ago and in a given day, my baby eats about 7x on avg. i can't afford to add another pumping session at work as it already takes 20 min. per session. is 3 oz. a decent amt. per feeding b/c i'm reading that an avg. amt. is 25 oz./day and i'm at about 21 oz. i feed her as much as she neede before and after work assuming she takes in 3 oz. when i BF which totals the 21oz. (i think) btw, she still has enough poops in a given day also.

    i know i'm being particular, but do you think she really needs more milk while w/ the sitter? i hate to have to supplement b/c i only want her to have BM. i have a stash i haven't used yet but would like to eventually so it doesn't go to waste. any ideas on what to tell the sitter???
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    The rule of thumb is to leave 1-1.5 oz for every hour you are away. I am not sure what the math is on what you are leaving her. But could you add in a another pumping session at home in the evening to get the difference if you needed to? Or get a car adapter and pump in the car either on the way to or fro?

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    It sounds like your baby is already taking enough during the day, as the averages for breastfed infants go. Perhaps your sitter is more accustomed to formula fed infants, who do take in many more ounces per day than their breastfed counterparts?

    Many infants also have a high suckling need. Switching to a slower-flow bottle nipple may help with this. Or maybe your baby just needs something in between - to be held, played with, sleep, diaper change. Can you provide some activity ideas to your sitter? Many mothers find that by letting their sitter know how important breastfeeding is to them, and what normal looks like for a breastfed infant, things settle down after a few weeks, without mom needing to provide any more expressed milk.

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    I've read that baby needs 1 to 1.5 oz EBM for every hour apart from mom.

    So if your baby is at the sitters for 8 hours - that is 8 to 12 oz EBM.

    In our experience - this worked really well for us.

    Info on how to bottle feed a breastfed baby - perhaps some info you can share with your sitter.
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    I found that some sitters and daycare providers are so accustomed to babies needing more formula as they get older that they tend to want more BM thinking that is what the baby needs. From The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers by Dr. Jack Newman an exclusively breastfeed baby at 1 month will take in the same amount of milk as an exclusively breastfeed baby at 5 months , it is the make up of the milk that changes to meet their needs.

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