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Thread: about giving suplement to my baby

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    Default about giving suplement to my baby

    hello, my baby has 12 weeks now and when he had about 6 weeks his peditrician toll me to give him a suplement after giving him the breast. I stay really sad with it because i just wanted to feed him with my milk.what can i do to stop with the suplement and to increase my milk supply.

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    Why did the doc want you to suppliment? How often is he eating? How much formula is he taking?

    The KEY to increasing your supply is to get the baby to nurse as often as possible.

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    Default Re: about giving suplement to my baby

    Also start pumping to increase your supply and slowly decrease the amount of supplement you give your baby. You might want to consider to get a more knowledgeable and supportive pediatrician. This link will help you understand more. If you have more questions or doubts don't hesitate on posting again. A lot of mothers had been in your place and succeeded on going back to exclusive BF or at least manage to decrease the amount of formula they use. Good luck!




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