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Thread: What constitutes a strike?

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    Default What constitutes a strike?

    My son is 16 weeks old. For the past week or so, he has been nursing strangely. He'll nurse 6-7 times per day, down from 8-10 when he was 12 weeks. He also finishes up quicker, in about 5-10 min. per side. He may fuss a little after, but then he seems content (babbling, smiling and looking around). And I've noticed that he'll sometimes pull away to look at the ceiling fan or the window or to smile at me (melts my heart, but why in the middle of eating?). I think he's getting enough (he'll be weighed again in a week, but he has more than doubled his birth weight). His diaper output is good, and like I said, he seems content enough, it's just such a difference from his 45 minute nusrsing sessions that cam e every two hours. Is this OK? Should I be trying to make him nurse more often? Honestly, I have a worry that this could negatively effect my milk supply - if he isn't eating enough now, I don't want it to be a problem if he snaps out of it and wants more. I thought I had this down, and I get a curveball!
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    Default Re: What constitutes a strike?

    As your LO gets older he also becomes more efficient at nursing. And more interested in other things. Have you tried to offer the breast more often?
    Here's a few resources, hopefully something will help!

    Some resources on Nursing Strikes:
    From LLL
    From Kellymom

    On Distractible Babies
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    Default Re: What constitutes a strike?

    strike=zero breast feeding

    Everything sounds normal to me. They start to notice the world around then and stop to look, they become more adept at removing milk, and get more in a shorter amount of time ect.

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    Default Re: What constitutes a strike?

    As pp mentioned...doesn't sound like a strike. Your lo is just getting better at nursing = quicker feeds. It is a blessing really...no more 45min sessions through the night

    Your lo is also getting distracted...also normal. He wants to look about.....soon he will want to crawl about....then nurse while holding a biscuit/toy and standing on his head and kicking you in the face...

    Now for the other news....16 weeks is about time for another growth spurt.

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    Default Re: What constitutes a strike?

    Hee hee, sounds like typical BF behavior. And just like me you think you have it all figured out and them, like you said, they throw you a curve ball. A strike would not be eating at all. Sounds like all is well. Keep up the great work!

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