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Thread: Chews on his food, but(t)...

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    Default Chews on his food, but(t)...

    Ds is 9.5 mo and is now eating finger foods. Yeah!!! He seems to chew his food nicely, but I still wonder about his poop. I know solid food = solid poop, but am I supposed to see what he ate at the other end, even though the food he eats is very soft and he's chewing it? And is the poop supposed to get that much harder once he starts finger foods? He isn't straining badly, just pushing like I'd expect he'd need to.

    I know these are questions, but I thought I'd ask anyway. We're moms, we look at our babies' poop!
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    Default Re: Chews on his food, but(t)...

    I look forward to the responses on here. My DS is the same age and I can't WAIT to find some snakes in his dipe. So far it's still the yellow BF'ing poopies and we're pretty well into solids.

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    With dd#1 we had a lot of constipation issues to overcome by removing certain things from her diet (bananas & rice) and by adding more of others (pears, plums, peas, peaches). So my memory is of her stool changing from EBF poo to little rock turdlets instantaneously.

    With dd#2, her first food was banana and little stringies came out of her poop almost immediately. It's still yellow, but now there are little chunks of yellow and it's a bit more like hummus sometime.

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