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Thread: What is he doing? Why? & How do I stop it?

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    Unhappy What is he doing? Why? & How do I stop it?

    My son has a new thing he is doing and it is very frustrating. He did it all night last night(we co-sleep). I latch him on and he starts nursing like a champ then after a few sucks he detaches and take my nipple with him. Then he relatches and again pulls my nipple across the room. It really hurts. He will do this on both sides and continuous through the feeding. But when he does stay latched on he puts his hands on my breast and pulls way back and suck on the end of the nipple.

    I know he isn't waiting for letdown because I can feel and see it either before we start or right after. I thought maybe OALD, but when he lets go rarely am I spraying him in the face. I know he is getting milk because when he lets go he will sometimes have his mouth open and there will be quite a bit of milk either in or around his mouth.

    Is he just very distracted? Is is teething? Please help...I'm real sore

    Thank you
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    Default Re: What is he doing? Why? & How do I stop it?

    My thought was teething as well. I hope it gets better for you! DD2 will do this, too and...Ouch!!
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    Default Re: What is he doing? Why? & How do I stop it?

    Agree with PP, either he is teething or just distracted, if it hurts, try to unlatch him so that he latches again...hope this phase ends just like it started...Lhug

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    Default Re: What is he doing? Why? & How do I stop it?

    My son has done this off and on. In general, he's very hard on my nipples. For some reason he just doesn't like to latch on and relax and eat. He's all over the place, pulling, on and off, you name it. I don't have OALD either. He's just not a calm nursling.

    I've just had to put up with it. I get sore sometimes, but for the most part my nipples have become very tough and can take just about anything!
    I'm really praying that when he gets teeth he doesn't start biting.

    I don't really have any advice, but I do hope it ends for you soon.


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