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Thread: How Much Protein is Necessary at 10 mos?

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    Default How Much Protein is Necessary at 10 mos?

    At my son's 9 mo. well check, we were told that we could introduce beef and chicken in his diet. I have been feeding him either bits of chicken breast or super lean ground beef, but it hasn't been too frequent. I still BF him at least 4-5 times a day and am wondering if he's getting enough protein in his diet.

    I'm hesitant to give him dairy products because my pedi suggested we wait until he's at least a year old.

    Should I try to squeeze more beef, chicken or turkey into his diet, or should his protein needs be met with my milk?

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    Default Re: How Much Protein is Necessary at 10 mos?

    I think, the protein your lo is getting from your milk is enough for him at the time being...solids in the first year are for experiment, I suggest you offer him foods that are rich with Iron coz lots of babis who are breastfed end up with Iron deficiancy. HTH

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