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Thread: Nursing over an hour to 2 hours and beyond

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    Question Nursing over an hour to 2 hours and beyond

    Hi all mums,
    I am new to this forum. I have questions to ask and need you share your experience and advises me accordingly.

    My son is 3 mths old today. He is 6.5kg and 59cm length. I started Breastfeeding fully after 4th day of chinese new year. The rests are half formula and breastmilk. I suspect i have low milk supply, therefore, I took domperiodon and fenugrek to increase it. I let my son suck and the improvement is that he only suck 10min n stop. I think he got enough and he fall asleep. Sometime sucking till 30min to 45min. Is this normal? I was told to let baby such each breast 45min to let the milk comes in. So, a slight improvement here, we just let baby suck till he stops, Am I right? But....
    Today, my son got the 1st PPD injection and has a fever, he suck my breast for almost 2 hours and yet still want to continue sucking..and throw out milk as well....he shows he needs milk ....he shows he want to suck...I am worry, will he over eat? ? ?

    My son is light sleeper at time. At night between 8pm onwards, he will show the difficulty in sleeping. Will any mum having the same problem and how you solve it out?

    I was told to pump every 3 hourly so as to increase milk supply. My both breasts don't feel full or half full. When pump, its only 2 OZ, is this normal??? to you. I do it after feeding my son at 9.30pm to 1130pm. I pump at 1230am.

    If i will to pump after 6 hours, i may get about 6oz. Is this normal to everyone? ( I took fenugrek).

    Do anyone experience after taking fenugrek and your milk supply increase and you stop taking it, your milk still in good supply??? Can I stop taking fenugrek to increase my milk supply?

    Hopefully, With the hardwork I have for both at work and baby. I can breastfeed till he is 1 year 1st follow by ......2yrs??Let try...


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    Default Re: Nursing over an hour to 2 hours and beyond

    I think you can't really overfeed a baby breast milk (he'll likely just spit up any extra), so it's okay to let him suck as much as he wants. He might want to suck a lot for comfort right now. I know my son didn't feel well after his two months shots, so he needed the comfort.

    The pump is not really a reliable way of knowing how much you're producing, but yes, I'd say that's normal. Just watch how many heavy, wet diapers he's making. If he has six or more heavy, wet diapers in a day, you're making enough!
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    Default Re: Nursing over an hour to 2 hours and beyond


    Here are some links to help you improve things...

    Firstly... you produce milk based on demand (feeding/pumping)= supply basis. The more you breastfeed/pump...the more you produce


    giving formula = missed feed(s) = less milk production

    here is some information on reducing formula use...if that is your plan

    You can't overfeed a baby on the breast...they take exactly what they need which means the length of time on the breast can vary. There is no set time to keep a baby on the breast...some baby's suck better/faster than others and don't need to be on for more than 5 mins for a complete feed...others take 45mins/1hr. You are doing the right thing...let your LO stay on the breast until he comes off. Offer the other side at each feeding..he will take it if he is still hungry if not offer the unused breast first next time.

    increase in nursing after injections/ falls/ illness etc is normal...you are his comfort..he wants to be near you. It will pass

    here is a link about sleep issues.


    Do you mean he struggles to fall asleep or wakes frequently?

    My ds is now 16mo and I hate to say it but night waking is still the normal in my house..They grow out of it...so i'm told, but you will have many more disturbed nights in the future due to teething, growth spurts, milestones, illness etc.

    Here are some links about milk supply


    here is a link about "normal" output from pumping


    I haven't taken fenugrek so I don't know much about it..sorry


    congratulations on your determination to breastfeed. Good luck

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    Default Re: Nursing over an hour to 2 hours and beyond

    All of it sounds pretty normal to me. My son was big on the comfort nursing - he'd regularly nurse for an hour and a half or longer. Sounds like you're doing good!

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