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    lately dd2 has wanted to nurse it seems non-stop. she has plenty of wet and poopies so i know shes getting enough. thats not my issue though. my issue is she has started sucking her thumb-- i dont have a huge problem with it but how do i get her to nurse for suckling rather than use her thumb?

    shes 2m old- about to turn 3m on the 22nd-- is it a growth spurt?
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    The typical growth spurts, according to kellymom.com, are "7-10 days, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months and 9 months (more or less)". http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/growth-spurt.html

    Some babies that don't take pacifiers will suck their thumbs for comfort. I don't know if there is much you can do about it. I definitely don't have any suggestions to get her to the breast instead of the thumb. Maybe someone else will come on with some suggestions. Good luck.
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    most likely a growth spurt. We've seen plenty of those in our house!
    I know that in our case, my son would NOT nurse for comfort. he takes a paci, and when he wanted suckling for comfort he would refuse the breast. That might be because we started paci use early tho Also I did have problems early on with OALD and OS, so that might have also been connected to it. At any rate since I work outside of the home I have encouraged paci use, so i can't give any advice on how to discourage the thumb sucking.

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