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Thread: Question about growth spurts

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    Question Question about growth spurts

    DS just went through his 3 mos growth spurt I think (eating and sleeping a lot more than usual). I have also noticed that I seem to be producing more milk.

    Once my supply hits his new demand does it plateau at the new milk production level or will it drop back again to the previous level? Does that make sense??? Put another way....Am I now producing more milk for my now larger baby that will level off and then increase again with another growth spurt? Do I have to produce more milk to meet the caloric needs of a bigger baby or does the quality of the milk change instead?

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    Default Re: Question about growth spurts

    Studies have found that after around age 12 weeks, baby's milk consumption level stays pretty consistant. I'll see if I can locate the study and post it for you later.

    And yes, after a growth spurt, milk production levels generally do rise, and yes, with demand for the milk, the milk production tends to stay at that level after the growth spurt. Remember, too, that the increased nursing that comes with a growth spurt doesn't just increase demand, it also fuels baby's rapid growth.

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