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Thread: Supplemented with formula, rash on chin

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    Default Supplemented with formula, rash on chin

    I had to supplement today with one bottle of formula because I had to be away from the baby and didn't have any milk already pumped
    She's never had formula before, ever, and she is 8 weeks old.
    Now she has a rash on her chin--she had a little bit of baby acne starting to sprout there a few days ago but today it seems to be much worse. She's not covered in red splotches, but it's definitely much more noticble.
    Could this be an allergic reaction or does this sound like normal skin troubles at her age?

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    Default Re: Supplemented with formula, rash on chin

    It is possible that she is sensitive to something in the formula. Could just be worsening baby acne, but if you want to be on the safe side, avoid formula. Gotta go--crying baby.
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