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Thread: Other first foods....???

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    Default Other first foods....???

    I have a few questions. A little history first, my LO is 7 months old. She has had pretty much all of the different cereals, and all the stage 1 fruits and veggies. The stage 2 stuff confuses me though. There is more variety, but I've seen some with spinach in them, and I thought they weren't supposed to have spinach until they were older.....
    Also, what other foods can I give her at home? Is she too young to mash up avacados? I don't remember when I gave those to her sister, but she LOVED them, and they are so healthy!

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    Avacado is a great first food. I personally did not like the 2nd or 3rd food combinations. So many of them seemed to have "extra'" ingredients that I didn't want my little ones having. I mixed up my own combinations, that way I knew there were no fillers in it. One of my favorites and DS1's was broccoli and rice. It was quick and easy. I would take a handful of frozen broccoli, cook it and add in some cooked brown rice.

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