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Thread: So inconsistent with eating and sleep.

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    Default So inconsistent with eating and sleep.

    I realise this is not abnormal, but I just get confused about why things can go from one extreme to another. The last two days are SO DIFFERENT from each other. Yesterday all she wanted to do was EAT, today all she has done is sleep

    nursed in morning
    TWO 4 ounce bottles of EBM In the morning and lunch
    nursed at 2 pm
    nursed every hour from 4-8:30
    slept for eight hours

    Today: (after her long sleep )
    nursed before work
    slept for two hours
    nursed again before work
    ONE bottle 4 oz at 9:30
    nursed at 2
    has been ASLEEP, it is almost 7 PM!!

    I just don't get it!

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    Default Re: So inconsistent with eating and sleep.

    I remember a friend (a mother of 3) asking me if my newborn had "sleepy days" and "eating days." I think this may be a pretty common pattern for at least some babies' hardwired growth pattern. I've ready somewhere that physical growth happens only during sleep, so maybe a baby tanks up on all that wonderful breastmilk on the first day, so she can turn it all into bone and brain and muscle and fat while she's sleeping a lot on the 2nd day.


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