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Thread: Confused and need help!

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    Default Confused and need help!

    My son is 2 months old today. I just found this website and have a ton of questions.

    My right breast has quite an oversupply of milk. It is visibly larger than the left. When I pump, I can usually get 5 ounces within 2-3 minutes on my right breast. And on the left, I will only get 1-2 ounces in 10 minutes. To correct this, I've been starting Lucas on the left breast at each feeding. This has not seemed to help. Any ideas?

    Also, he is still waking up every 3 hours or so to feed. I've been told that he should be sleeping longer at night. Should I be worried that he's not getting enough?

    Third question...he has been really fussy for the past 2 weeks or so. He will scream/cry as he is feeding. So I will take him off and burp him thinking it is just gas. He may or may not burp. So I put him back down, he will latch on for a bit, but then scream/cry/push away and pull himself to me all at the same time (if that makes sense). What does this mean?!? We've been doing mylicon drops to see if it helps...it doesn't seem to be making too much of a difference.

    Last night he was particularly fussy, so we decided to supplement with some formula. He took 8 ounces! I couldn't believe it! Could this mean that he is just not getting enough milk??

    Output is good (both urine and stool). He is gaining weight well.

    Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!

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    Wink Re: Confused and need help!

    I know when my second child was at that age she did the same thing. She's 3 months now. I had read on this site that many babies have growth spurts at around 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and then @ 6 months. The growth spurts can vary but they've generally followed that pattern for my daughter. So I started drinking A LOT more water to help the increase in my milk easier during her growth spurts. I saw instant results. Like, the day I started downing water like crazy! I thought I was drinking enough but apparently I wasn't. You know what they say, "when they have a drink, you have a drink." I know it sounds really simple but that's what made the difference and worked for us, I think. I always thought it was gas, too but then realized it wasn't because when she has gas she pulls her legs up in to her stomach. But when she pulls at the nipple and gets frustrated it's cuz she wants more milk and it's not happening. Stick with it, it'll come!

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    Default Re: Confused and need help!

    Quote Originally Posted by determined2bf View Post
    I know when my second child was at that age she did the same thing. She's 3 months now. I had read on this site that many babies have growth spurts at around 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and then @ 6 months.
    don't forget the "notorious" 4 month spurt!!

    here some info on g-spurts

    anyway, is your baby fussing especially on the "big" (sorry!) breast? this might be a sign of OALD (over active let down), (even more "active", probably, on a very full breast): he wants to drink but the flow is too strong and makes him nervous...

    when you have one breast bigger than the other it's called being lopsided: read more here

    reg. the 8 oz he drank (oh my god... did he fill well after that? it seems like an enormous amount of milk to me for such a small baby!): don't judge your baby's hunger by the milk he seems to devoure on the bottle,
    because babies basically always gulp down the content of a bottle (especially if you don't use a slow flow nipple), IN SPITE of the fact that they have eaten enough or not:
    "When the bottle goes in the baby's mouth the mouth fills with milk, the baby is obligated to swallow and the action of swallowing initiates another suck. The suck again fills the mouth and the cycle repeats, giving an appearance of the baby "gulping the bottle down hungrily"

    I truly apologise for my shortness and incompleteness but it's almost 4 a.m. for me and I was going to bed when I saw your post... I am sure many others will chime in and help!
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