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Thread: How long is too long to wait?

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    Default How long is too long to wait?

    I read the information on baby lead feeding. It sounds great -- less work for mom and more discovering for baby.

    Here is my question: all my other children were eating meals by now, but my 10 month old can't get food from his tray to his mouth.

    I wasn't familiar with baby lead feeding before reading the links in another thread, so this is a new approach to me. With other children I just spoon feed purees and moved forward as the baby seemed ready. I would have done this this time, too, but he won't take anything from a spoon. He pushes the spoon away with his arm. He will let me (eagerly) put things in his mouth with my finger and hasn't choked. He prefers cheerios to sweet potato or banana type textures. (Soft mushy things just make him mad.)

    But, again, he can't put it in his mouth himself. Should I just hang out and not worry about solids, yet? (He certainly won't mind )

    Do some babies/children need a little encouragement to start eating? Or is this still more left over baggage? (I love to hear moms come backs with things like "My son left for college and now I am engorged" or "They just don't make man sized diapers - what will we do?" in response to all the crazy ideas/fears we encounter.)

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    Default Re: How long is too long to wait?

    Maybe he's just not interested right now?? Does he pick-up toys ok?
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    Default Re: How long is too long to wait?

    My son wasn't interested in eating at all until 9ish months, but even then, he liked me to feed it to him. Even now at 14 months, he prefers to be fed about half the time, but he also likes to feed me which is just darling. Mealtimes are a lot of fun, though quite messy.

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    Default Re: How long is too long to wait?

    I would think that as long as he is picking up other things, then it shows that he can pick up stuff. I know that some nights my LO will eat her baby cereal... but then other nights she has a bite and is done... doesn't seem to even notice the spoon...
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    Default Re: How long is too long to wait?

    He picks up toys and he picks up the food I have offered. He even puts toys in his mouth. But he doesn't get the food from his hand into his mouth to eat. (It is really funny. He tries but then has this look on his face like "Where did it go?" as the food has rolled down his bib or landed on the floor.) Maybe I am giving him too small of pieces. I am going to try something larger to suck on like a big chunk of apple. I just didn't want to give him something he could choke on since I know he doesn't chew.

    Is that more the way baby lead feeding works? Give them large pieces of food so they can lick/gum/suck on it? Like they would a toy?
    And is there anything wrong with me putting bites into his mouth before he can do it himself? I mean he is opening his mouth for it, I am not shoving it in against his will. He hasn't choked, yet. If I don't do this, he gets nothing.

    If the point of baby lead feeding is that a baby is not ready for solids until he can feed himself, then it seems like maybe I shouldn't be putting bites into his mouth. On the other hand, he is 10 months old. It seems like he should be transitioning to solids. My pediatrician thinks he ought to be much further along than he is. (She is more of the traditional wait until six months and then start purees -- but recognizes that some babies [like mine] will not eat purees.) So it seems backwards to me to back off.

    And then I consider that as a mom I am constantly realizing how much I have had a tendency to hurry my children's development. The more I learn, and the older I get, the more I value allowing the child to develop at a slower pace. Well, let me rephrase that: I value allowing the child to develop at his own pace (some you can barely keep up with it seems).

    (With my first son I pushed solids, I pushed sleeping through the night, I pushed toilet teaching, I pushed learning to read. Poor kid... I am much more relaxed now on number four).

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    Default Re: How long is too long to wait?

    Just a note that my lo wasn't taking in any solids at 6 months by himself, so I put food in the food processor (not pureed, it had some texture to it) and spoon feed him. Even now at almost 9 months, he's primarily spoon fed as he doesn't really feed himself anything except harder foods, like cheerios & crackers. I used to get super stressed out about this, but then I realized, he PROBABLY won't need me to spoon feed him when he's 20 years old, so I'm learning to relax some
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    Default Re: How long is too long to wait?

    My lo is 10.5 months old and I felt the same way you do. She was barely handling stage 3's and only had two bottom teeth. Now she has 4 top teeth as well and is more interested in biting. She also is all of a sudden hating purees and wants nothing to do with the spoon. So one day I broke a banana in half and put it on her tray, she picked it up and started to eat it. I was so excited I screamed. I think I might be brave enough to start cheerios. I think every baby is different and you just have to pay attention to what they are comfotable with. Two weeks ago she was gagging and choking on whole banana and now she's loving it. I also have to take the small pieces and put them in her mouth. She will pick them up but she won't put them in her mouth. I'm confident she'll get it eventually, she's changing everyday. Good luck!
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