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Thread: Baby led solids - another question

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    Default Baby led solids - another question

    So sorry I'm sure this has been asked and answered several times but -

    We started with jarred baby food, but I really want to do more of a "real food" route.

    How does it work?? Do I just put some soft food down in front of her and see what she wants to eat?? We tried some crackers and some gerber wagon wheels (per pedi suggestion) She just gums them.

    Can I give her the "real" equivalent of the baby food she has already had
    i.e. real bananas, peas and green beans?? Or do I have to wait a week when I introduce real food as we did with jarred food?

    I'm so sorry for the repetition, but I don't have much time to read all the other posts to find the answers.
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    Default Re: Baby led solids - another question

    yup if you've intoducted jar foods with out a reaction you should be ok to give table foods.

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    Default Re: Baby led solids - another question

    Baby led solids essentially skips purees altogether, just offer whole foods in easy-to-grab sizes.

    Wagon wheels and crackers don't offer a whole lot of nutritional value, try fresh fruits and fresh steamed vegetables. This site has a lot of age appropriate foods to offer.
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