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Thread: Finger Foods?

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    My daughter is 10 months old and she's eating stage 3 chuncky blends, but she is still gagging and choking when I give herfinger foods. My husband gave her a banana to bite and she choked on it. She now has two bottom teeth and is getting four top teeth. Is it still too soon or is she going to be behind because I'm not pushing finger foods on her? When will I know when she is ready?

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    If she doesn't seem ready for finger foods, there's no reason to push it. You may want to keep putting them on her tray at meal time and see if she'll start picking them up. Soon she'll start putting eveyrthing in her mouth and she'll just naturally start putting more food in her mouth. However, with that being said, some kids are slow on the self feeding thing. If she's not putting anything in her mouth by 12 months, you should speak to your doctor about it, just to make sure everything's going fine.
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