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Thread: Chronic Constipation--Running Out of Options

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    different formulas? Do you mean that you tried different combinations of foods? You breastfeed and supplement with formula? What has the pediatrician said? Have you been to a specialist?

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    My daughter has had trouble with constipation for the last 6 months... she didnt like apple or prune juice so i started with "pear peach" and she liked that kind and then i worked towards apple and prune... mixing it and now i give her straight prune juice every morning with her breakfast and depending how much she takes then i may give her some with all her meals... i also have water with us through out the day to offer her inbetween bottles. i give her all the "poopy" foods i can get into her, i add a tiny bit if metamucil somewhere into her diet either food or bottle, and have just started giving her ground flax in her food, which i find works pretty wonders!! jsut remember you have to have enough fluids with all the additional fiber given... and even if your baby doesnt like something try it again a couple weeks later cause they may start to take juice of prunes or whatever it may be... for my daughter i also switched her formula to soy just to cut out that little bit of dairy (dairy can be constipating) i think i have tried everything under the moon and still find it frustrating having to obsess over her BMs... the main part my GP told me was to make sure i made sure she wasnt always constipated or it could cause major damage with the stool stretching her bowels bigger than the sphincter would allow past it... causing permanent dependancy to laxatives... also glycerin suppositories do not cause dependancy and are safe to be repeated... i break a peice off and give it rather than the whole thing and i get results (i havent given one in a good 2 weeks which is amazing! i hate to jinx it but we may be on the mend!!!)

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    Hi there! I'm new here but I wanted to share what we do in Portugal. I have a 3 month old and a 10 year old and when I started solids with him we usually start with soups of various individual vegetables and we add a tea spoon of extra virgin olive oil to help those issues!

    I'm living in the US now and I see nobody recommends it so I'm just putting it out there! You really need to find a good quality Olive Oil, one that is Extra Virgin and says "First Cold Press", is the best! Only use it raw after the baby is more than a year old!, before that you need to boil it a bit with the soups! When starting solids, giving those soups before anything else, even if it's a little soup, helps a lot!

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