I am currently in my 6th or 7th round of mastitis, the 3rd time paired with a fever, my babe is 6 months old. Sometimes I can catch it and it will linger just 1 day, this time i'm on my 4th day, no more fever but the boob is hurting.

I drink water, eat healthy, EBF on demand, he's a great eater. Yeah, would love to rest more and take it easy, but I'm a working Mom with a 6 month old! My LO likes to nap with Momma, so I do lay down regularly.

I'm feeling tired of this, simply felt the need to complain as I know you mommas are awesome. I take lecitian (sp?) just because it may help. I take echinacea and bulk up on vit. c when I'm down with it. If anyone has any words of wisdom I'll gladly listen, or just writing this makes me feel somewhat better.

OH, and i will NOT give up breastfeeding!!!!!!no worries there!