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Thread: How to stop the snackings...

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    Hello dear ladies,
    We are not weaning yet, but I think this subject belongs here. Ds, who is now 18 months old is a snacker. He doesn`t nurse for long, but he asks to nurse every time I sit down or play with him. That`s about 20+ time/day. (not exaggerating here)
    I`ve already ordered How weaning happens but it`ll take a little while until I get it b/c they are probably shipping it over from the States.
    Meanwhile, do you have an advice on how to stop the snackings? Ideally, I`d like to get down to 3-4 nursing/day.

    ETA: He is a high needs child who resists change however small it may be.
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    I am trying to cut down on our snackings too. My LO is 23 months old and it seems like he is wanting to nurse every time I sit down too. What I have realized in the last few days is he doesn't always ask for a drink from a cup when he is thirsty. I have started offering his sippy cup when it is not naptime or bedtime. This has worked some for us. I have read How Weaning Happens and found it to be a great book. There are some touching stories in it, just be prepared to cry ( if you are a sentimental weepy mommy like I am.)

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