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    Hello! I'm a newcomer to the forum and I need some help. My daughter is two months old and I returned to work 3 weeks ago. She nurses with me in the morning and usually twice at night when we get home. My cousin gives her 3 5 oz bottles of pumped milk a day. I pump three times a day at work. My question is, I can only pump about 10-11 oz a day --is this normal? I try to store pumped milk from the weekends to give my cousin as a reserve supply and she usually goes through it. I started taking fenugreek (2 pills 3x a day) and I drink between 30-60 oz of water a day. She fusses during her last feeding at night and pulls on and off the breast. I feel like there is no milk there and I'm failing her. What can I do?
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    Hello! You may want to post this in the pumping forum. They will have lots of tips on how to maximize the time you are pumping, such as breast massage and hand expression. When I was pumping I was getting about 3-4 oz in 20 minutes. You may need to add in extra pumping sessions, maybe in the early morning when prolactin levels are high. You will have better results if you add in another pumping session each day, instead of trying to make up the difference on the weekends, as it takes a day or so for your supply to catch up with your demand.

    ETA: Also, I just noticed that you mention only feeding you LO six times, and I know that when my DD was that age she was eating 10-12 times each day, so if she is acting hungry, try feeding her more often when you are together.
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