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Thread: NO milk when pumping for 9 month old

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    Default NO milk when pumping for 9 month old

    I had been successfully pumping to make bottles in the evening for my son who is 9 months old. But a few days ago I started to get no milk and I'm not having let downs. If I keep pumping will I produce the milk again?? DS is definaly less interested in nursing but I wanted to continue for 3 more months. Has this happened to anyone?

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    Default Re: NO milk when pumping for 9 month old


    It would help me to know what your reasons are for pumping and what kind of pump you are using. You should know that babies are much better at removing milk from the breast than even the best pumps are, so decreased pump output is not necessarily an indicator that your milk supply is down. About how often and how long is baby nursing? How is his diaper output? See the link in my siggy for information on whether or not your baby is getting enough to eat.

    Here is a link to some information on how to increase the amount of milk you are able to pump: www.llli.org/FAQ/pumpwork.html

    Maybe some of these ideas will work for you.

    HTH. Hang in there!


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