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Thread: pineapple for a 9 month old?

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    Default pineapple for a 9 month old?

    Can I give my 9 month old pineapple? Some things I've read say to stay away from citrus fruits til 1 year old, but I'm pretty sure Gerber makes Stage 1 pineapple. Confusing, huh??? Should I puree it like rest of the fruits I have been giving her? Do I have to steam it first?
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    Default Re: pineapple for a 9 month old?

    My lo is 9 months old next Wednesday and you know, I've never given pineapple or plan to anytime soon. I must have read not to somewhere but I don't remember! Unless I see specifically I can I'll wait until a year. Sorry, others might actually be of some help
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    Default Re: pineapple for a 9 month old?

    A dietician once told me that "nobody's allergic to pineapple" when I told her I reacted to it with painful stinging and sores in and around my mouth! For my son, I categorized it as citrus and waited until after 12 mths.

    By the way, different baby food companies seem to have quite different opinions about age appropriate food - one even puts oranges in its 1st foods!

    This link will take you to a guide to the most and least allergenic foods, if you scroll almost to the bottom: http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/allergy.htm
    I'm sure you already have an allergenic food guide, but I love this website for age guides and recipes too.

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    Default Re: pineapple for a 9 month old?

    Pineapple isn't a citrus. Citrus comes from the plant family Rutaceae, while pineapple comes from the Bromeliaceae family. So I wouldn't worry too much, but I would suggest introducing any tropical fruits with caution, as a lot of people tend to be allergic to them.

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