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Thread: Strike/solids/weaning . . . lots of Q's!

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    Default Re: Strike/solids/weaning . . . lots of Q's!

    sores in the mouth?
    hand foot and mouth can cause babies to strike like that it hurts to eat.

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    Default Re: Strike/solids/weaning . . . lots of Q's!

    Quote Originally Posted by ByGrace View Post
    Ok, so the saga continues! C is on day 6 of his nursing strike. For those who didn't read our post "So it's started (biting)" he started biting me on Saturday, got mad that I wouldn't let him and went on strike (he has had several). Most only last a day or so (one lasted 7 days, but he would nurse at night some for that one) this time . . . he has not latched once since Saturday!!! I finally took him to the pedi yesterday and he does have an ear infection and is now on an antibiotic. I am pumping, but my supply is dropping dramatically. So I am frustrated . . . needless to say and have a ton of questions! Thanks ladies for all the help you have been and continue to be!

    Quote Originally Posted by ByGrace View Post
    He will not nurse at all, he screams and turns away when I have offered. I have no idea what to do. First off, not only does he refuses to nurse, but he also refuses bottles, and the cup most of the time . . .I keep offering breast first then cup. occasionally he will take the cup (mostly at night and through the night. did I mention we had just night weaned!

    I have been offering alot of solids . . . which he is eating. at this point, after 2 doses of an antibiotic . . . he seems to be even taking the cup a little better. this brings about several problems. 1) is he eating so much solids that he has no reason to drink the bm? (whether through nursing or a cup)? and 2) the only cup he is taking is the nuby which is basically no work, all he does is bite the top and gets it (this certainly is not going to help our biting problem) the few times I have gotten him close to the breast, he just bites me this is getting frustrating. surely after 10 months he would not have forgotten how to nurse!
    Let me be sure I understand...He only will take the nuby cup, but he bites that in order to release the fluid. He is eating a lot of solids, partially making up for the lost difference in breastmilk. He's drinking very little fluids. Correct?

    Quote Originally Posted by ByGrace View Post
    Ok, so the pedi visit yesterday was a little frustrating. She has always been supportive of bf, but i can tell she is no ardent advocate! yesterday she of course mentioned that he could just "be done" I of course played a little dumb and said "really? I did some research and what I found said that if he weaned it would be gradual, but all of a sudden like this would be a strike?" to which she responded . . . "well I guess it all depends on what your goal is, do you want to get him back to bf?" (she asked this retorically, which was a good things bc I was fighting a big "DUH!" at this point!) she also said "what about just (giving up basically) and giving formula?" well, I already tried that "what did he do" What in the world did she think I was going to say, "Oh he loved it, but I decided to starve him and make him nurse" I told her he simply spit it out. he won't take it. Then she asked if I had tried milk. I just looked at her kind of confused, 'you mean cow's milk?" She said, yes. Of course not, I said. He is only 10 months. so, would it be ok to give a 10 month old cows milk? she acted like it was an option??? ok, so he really wouldn't be weaning right? I guess I just need reassurance on this. I really am not ready to be done
    It is exceedingly rare for a baby to wean before a year. And with everything you've described above (pain, biting, ear infection), it really does point to strike.

    Quote Originally Posted by ByGrace View Post
    At this point, he is taking more in a cup, still not as much as he should be, but enough that my inabilities at pumping cannot keep up nearly enough, adn he won't take formula. what do I do? this will pass right?

    Quote Originally Posted by ByGrace View Post
    I have tried:

    --regular cradle position (which is our usual)
    --sitting on my lap facing me
    --while walking around
    --lying down on the bed (on my side and with him lying on top of me)
    --in his room where it is quiet . . . in the living room

    I have tried sitting the in glider where we usually nurse and just playing for awhile, tickling, playing peek-a-boo anything to get his mind off of it, then offering

    I have tried getting him right out of his bed or wherever we are and going straight to the chair, acting like nothing was wrong and trying . . .

    we have tried lying topless in my bed playing and letting him get sleepy and just having some skin to skin time . . . then offering

    I have tried to stay relatively nonstressed about it in front of him, but it is hard.

    i have tried teething tablets, orajel, tylenol, cold rags, teethers all before nursing

    I guess that is what I can think of at the moment that we have tried . . .
    An important factor is making the breast a pleasant place to be. I would suggest not trying to offer so much, but leave the opening for him. Maybe go topless and wear a nursing necklace while rocking in your chair? Show him the pretty beads, talk about the colors, ect. Basicly just ignore the fact that you want him to nurse. You could do the same thing at night, just be bare breasted and ready to nurse if he takes the initiative, but leave off the pressure to perform.

    Quote Originally Posted by ByGrace View Post
    Oh, I forgot to mention. Part of my semi panic today has been that i am out of EBM. My stash is no more. and I am pumping barely 1-2 ounces every 3 hours (I get around 5-5.5 first thing in the am) then normally 3 the next time and then 1-2 from there . . .
    What type of pump are you using?

    Are you familiar with hand expression? Perhaps it might help you to collect more milk if you didn't have to get out the pump every time. You could just express into a big bowl as you have a few moments.

    This is a video that shows how to maximize your output with a pump:

    Quote Originally Posted by ByGrace View Post
    I am a SAHM, but I have a 2 year old as well and pumping is just hard to get to, iykwim? sometimes I have a hard time pumping every 3 hours adn go longer unintentionally. I can try to pump more . . . but honestly it just frustrates me. I hate pumping and can RARELY even get a letdown from it I have not tried power pumping. That is 10 minutes on, 10 off, 10 on, right? How often should I do this?
    Right. Once or twice a day would be helpful. But, since time is a factor, perhaps try hand expressing when you simply don't have time to stop and set up the pump?

    As for getting a letdown, the video posted above has some tips, as well as this page (see tips for assisting MER):

    Quote Originally Posted by ByGrace View Post
    He will snuggle alot, more thatn normally actually. he has been quite the cuddler. That is why I really think he wants to nurse . . . he will lay his head on my breast or his personal fav, always have his hand in my shirt! or grab the top of my shirt and pull it towards him to snuggle. Occasionally it was like he "forgot" he was on strike and would move towards me like he was going to latch and then "remember" and pull back and scream. He is getting 2 top teeth in right now. poor guy!
    Awww. Poor little man.

    I would urge you to keep with what you're doing and allow him to come to the breast on his own terms. I would almost bet that after this illness passes, he would be a bit more willing to try to nurse again.

    Quote Originally Posted by ByGrace View Post
    He had a viral infection about 2 weeks ago and had a sore throat, but he actually nursed MORE during that time. Thanks for the article. i have been trying alot of that . . but i know since I am frustrated that is being communicated to him. Also, as far as the oral aversion thing . . . I feel as soon as we may get somewhere, and he will get his mouth close to the breast, he will bite adn I will either just pull back or tell him no biting (gently) he will scream and then won't come near for another few days. Also, another weird thing he has been doing . . .during our snuggle times, when things are good adn i am hoping he might latch he will pinch my nipple and then look at me as if to ask what am i going to do about it. I usually just either say gentle adn move his hand away or just move his hand away. either way it is like he gets upset and we regress just a little bit . . . strange, huh?
    Hmmm. That is puzzling. It seems that he is looking at it as a cause and effect thing.

    If he bites when he latches on, he's not latching on correctly. Was there pain for you before the biting started?

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    Default Re: Strike/solids/weaning . . . lots of Q's!

    Aaah! Thats right!
    Now I remember my thought from last night about manual pumps versus electric pumps. If you need to be mobile with a 2 year old, a manual pump, or as GPAC suggested hand expression will both allow for free movement about the house.

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    Default Re: Strike/solids/weaning . . . lots of Q's!

    I'm really sorry you are going through this. You have gotten lots of wonderful advice and I just want to send some support and encouragement your way...I know how hard this must be for you!

    And I'm sorry we didn't get to chat more Thursday, the class is action packed and there does not seem to be a spare moment for mamas to chit chat! Maybe we can sit next to one another and squeeze some conversation in next week!!
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    Default Re: Strike/solids/weaning . . . lots of Q's!

    Ladies, thank you so much for all the support. Still no luck as of yet, but i am even more confident that this will pass (perhaps wishful thinking!) but after 8 days now with not a single latch i was starting to get really depressed thinking this really might be the end. but then today I was gone for a few hours (I RARELY leave him) and when I got back he was so happy to see me and started rooting around and panting (his sign for wanting to nurse!) I took him back to the rocking chair, laid him on the boppy (he was still the whole time which was a great thing, normally he is screaming by this point) but then as soon as he was about the latch he arched his back and screamed so no luck! I am still not pumping enough, so it is breaking my heart to have to give him formula, which of course he will not take during the day . . . so dh gives him formula during the night wakings while I pump and then he gets EBM during the day. He has been drinking more . . . eating lots of solids, so at this point I am not worried about him getting enough. Strangely, he will only drink 2-3 ounces at a time of BM during the day, but downs 5-6 at night of formula . . . but prefers bm and refuses formula completely during the day During the day he will often go a LONG time without wanting anything, like this afternoon, but then before bed drank a little more than 7 ounces of BM! i am sure he will be up soon for more. As far as manual/hand expression. I have never been able to do that. I have thought about renting a hospital grade pump if this continues, I really HATE having to supplement, I mean we made it 10 months for goodness sake, I hate having to give formula now!!!
    as far as latch . . . no pain beforehand . . . all was great in breastfeeding land (ok well it didn't seem like it then . . . but I would give anything for THOSE problems now!!!)

    any ideas as to how long a nursing strike could last? I am growing weary, too stubborn to give up, but weary none the less!

    oh and Give Peas A Chance, I have thought about how offering less might help, but then I know I have heard to just "keep offering" and always offer breast first before supplementing, but since he gets so upset by my offering could it actually help to back off the offering and just let him tell me when he is ready?

    UGH this has been really hard. I even finally gave in and called a local LLL leader . . . she was stumped too (I mean, duh! no one knows more than the ladies on here!!!) thanks ladies, seriously . . . I don't know where we would be without you all and your support!

    Christy, we will defintely plan on sitting with you guys . . . hopefully we won't get ourselves into trouble

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    Default Re: Strike/solids/weaning . . . lots of Q's!

    No advice.. my lo is 9 months and I can't image what you are going through.. I would be heartbroken if my lo suddenly refused to nurse and my supply went down. Just wondering if you have had any luck yet??

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