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Thread: Growth spurt?

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    Default Growth spurt?

    This is multi question post:
    my DS is just getting over bronchitis & slight ear infection. he is feeling better but i think it may be coinciding w/ a growth spurt. he is feeding every 2 hours. it's been a few days and he seems to have regulated himself back to eating every 3 hrs...except for his nighttime feedings.
    normally the first time he goes down he'll sleep for about 4 hours then eat, then 3 hrs/eat, 3or 2 hours/eat.
    he has been in daycare for about a month..so that isn't so new anymore.
    can't tell if perhaps he is just not getting enough to eat since he is falling asleep or if it's a comfort thing.

    Anyone have this issue or have any light to shed?

    I had thought about giving him 3.5 oz of EBM instead of the 3 oz i normally give him.

    also wondering how many have children sleeping thru the night..not having to feed. how is this possible?
    I figure when he is ready to sleep longer he will. i am making sure that when he is fussing it is to eat and not dirty diaper or paci...so what gives?

    thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Growth spurt?

    It's normal for nursing and sleeping patterns to change/evolve throughout baby's first year. Sleep disturbances are especially common in babies in the four month age range. Here's some info on that:


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