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Thread: is cheese on the menu for an 8 month old?

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    Default is cheese on the menu for an 8 month old?

    alasdair is just over 8 months old. He's recently started enjoying foods more, and I've noticed in the past few days he's able to take small 'chunks' into his mouth and mush them down, whereas before (even a week ago) he would just gag.

    My main question: when can I start feeding him cheese? Cottage cheese?
    I've read that parents should hold off on milk and most other dairies until the child is at least a year. Did you? do you plan to?

    So far he loves peas, avocado, banana, carrots, spinach, potato, apples, nectarines ... sweet potato,
    all pureed, though.

    Maybe I'll try broccoli florets? steamed?
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    Default Re: is cheese on the menu for an 8 month old?

    I think DD was about 8 mo. when she started eating cheese, maybe 9. As far as dairy goes, we started yogurt first at about 7 mo. with the go-ahead from her ped. When we did start cheese, I gave her shredded cheddar so we didn't have to worry about choking. Cottage cheese would be good too, since it's so soft. Personally, I wasn't worried since DD hadn't had reactions to anything else. Just watched closely at first, and didn't introduce other new things at the same time.

    As far as chunkier veggies, you could do a lot of the things he's already had but "whole". DD loves soft chunks of banana or sweet potato. Baby carrots can be cooked and cut lengthwise into "sticks", so they're easy to pick up and eat. Broccoli would work the same way.

    Good luck, sounds like you're off to a great start!

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    Default Re: is cheese on the menu for an 8 month old?

    My little girl was weighing in a little light (per the pediatrician) at her 9 month visit, so the doctor suggested starting her on whole milk dairy products to bulk her up a little. She's 11 mo old now, and has put on 2 lbs. She loves the YoBaby organic whole milk yogurt, and guzzles organic whole cow's milk. She use to like shredded mozarella and cheddar cheese (hated American or havarti -don't know why), which I also gave her at 9 months. (Shredding it seemed easier as a transition from puree to solid little chunks.) Lately, she won't touch the cheese, though. I don't know why she changed her mind at about 10 months. Maybe she'll start liking it again. I've never given her any cottage cheese. It may be a good idea since it's so protein rich. Some frozen blueberry juice from the frozen blueberry pack might sweeten it up, or apple sauce. As long as your doctor says it's ok, then the cheese is probably fine for your 8 month old. Also watch for lactose intolerance in the way of diarrhea, tummy ache or diaper rash. I knew someone whose baby developed that after giving her dairy before 1 year. It just depends on the kid. Good luck!
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    Default Re: is cheese on the menu for an 8 month old?

    I say go for it, just watch for reactions.

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