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Thread: How long is to long to feed?

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    Default How long is to long to feed?

    My 4 week old was initially a sleepy feeder and I would have to constanly coax her through a feeding session attempting to get 15-20 min on each breast. At her 2 wk check she was back to her birthweight and we went to on demand feeding. As she started waking up more, the feeding sessions got longer and longer... She will now nurse for an hour, and even if she seems finished and lets go of the latch, within a couple of minutes she will be rooting and fussy again. Sometimes feeding sessions will stretch between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 grueling hours. I'm not sure why. I don't know if it's because I'm not producing enough, or if she wants to just keep sucking even if she is full. It's getting frustrating. Any advice?

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    I'd guess it's a growth spurt and I'd go with it for now as long as you know milk is being taken in. My lo used to love to nurse for an hour and a half at that point. Once they get a little older, a little more experienced, and a little more interested in the world around them, they get a lot quicker.

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    This sounds a lot like what I went through. It was incredibly tough but when it comes down to it, some babies are just like that. I planted a rocking chair in front of the television and that's basically where I lived for the first 2 months of DD's life. It was really tough, and the days and weeks dragged at the time, but seriously now I can hardly remember it all because it passed in a blur. You'll look up one day and have a 6 month old crawling away from you, too busy with the rest of the world to nurse so much!

    A lot of the nursing might be for comfort-- the drive is very strong. The way to check intake is by looking at how many diapers she is making. How many wets/poops does she make per day? When they nurse so frequently and act so unsettled, the first thing everyone thinks about is, am I making enough milk. But you can't tell by how they behave. Also, you're within the time frame that growth spurts commonly happen. You really have to go by nothing but the weight gain and the diapers.

    Here are some links that might help you out:

    Frequent Nursing
    Growth Spurts
    Cluster Feedings and Fussy Evenings
    Is your milk supply really low?
    Nursing Your Newborn-- What to Expect in the Early Weeks

    I know that's a lot of links, but that's seriously a crash course in newborn behavior right there. It should explain a LOT and ease your mind. It will all pass.

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