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I just wanted to thank you guys for the tips and encouragement. My daughter has been supplementing for a week now and is finally gaining weight. She is now 10lb 1oz after 7 weeks with her birth weight being 9lb 7oz. I have tried everything I know how to...counselling, pumping, fenugreek, reglan, increased water intake, increased good fats, skin to skin, eating the daylights out of oatmeal, heat packs, warm showers, breast compressions...I could go on. I could not produce what my daughter was needing and when I thought I did she was still not gaining. With supplementing she is finally sleeping, smiling, and making noises of happiness and contentment. I tried pumping to keep up the supply and giving it to her as much as I can and she stopped wanting the breast she only would take to the bottle so I pump and pump and am drying up already. Thank you all for your thoughts and advice. I guess now my request would be prayers for me as a mommy that feels like no matter how hard I tried I could not give my daughter what she needed. God bless all of you and dont give up.
God bless,
You gave your daughter exactly what she needed...an awesome, loving mama!