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Thread: Engorgement or blocked ducts from sudden weaning

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    Default Engorgement or blocked ducts from sudden weaning


    I was feeding my baby twice a day, I decided at 16mths to wean and because I had no problem stopping altogether with my first two I reconed it would be the same so I stopped 'suddenly'

    This time however my breasts have become rock hard and seem to want to stay that way, they have been like it for three days now and I am not sure what to do, is this normal and will it just go in a few more days or have they become blocked and I will need to express and therefore stimulate my supply again? I have been quite prone to mastitis so am getting a bit worried.

    Hope this all makes sense!



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    Default Re: Engorgement or blocked ducts from sudden weaning

    You should be able to pump or hand express just enough to relieve the pressure without stimulating your breasts to make more milk. My grandma swears by frozen cabbage leaves in the bra to relieve engorgement.

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