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Thread: My dd is 3 months old...

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    Default My dd is 3 months old...

    she is 16.6lbs and the doctor wants me to start her on oatmeal cereal twice a day with a spoon. I nurse her every 2.5 hours and she starting to wake up in middle of night to feed, and she has been sleeping through the night for a month now. I feel like it is too early to start feeding her solids but I do not want to starve her either. Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated.

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    my doctor told me to start my gal on solids at 4 months- and she was premature- so that would have ment 2.5 months adjusted! Sometimes I think they're a bit out of date- or not used to exclusive breastfed babies. did he say why he wanted her to start so early?

    I did my own research and listened to my gut and my baby. so when she could sit up, didn't push things out of her mouth, turned her head to indicate that she didn't want what i was offering her- we got going when she was 7 months old.

    I found my LLL meeting the most help. I told them i was feeling pressure to start solids, but didn't think either of us was ready. They gave me some really good stories about babies starting too early, and assures me that when she did start- she would still be getting the vast majority of nutrients from breastmilk. early solids are just for experimenting with tastes and textures. if she's breastfeeding on demand, still growing/ gaining and is healthy looking and vigerous, peeing and pooping then she's geting enough.

    A belly full of cereal won't nessisarily help her sleep through the night- she might be waking to feed in the night to get your supply up for a growth spurt.

    good luck with this!

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    3 months is way too early in my book. Sound like you've got an out of date pedi. AAP doesn't even recommend it that early. 6 months is more like it. Look at the calories on the cereal, it's so little it won't do near as much as an extra bf during the day will. A lot of babies who were sleepers start nightwaking at that age. Maybe a growth spurt too. Honestly my 14 month old still nurses 4 times a night at least, I co-sleep so I don't really count.


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    When you do start solids (and I definatley don't think you should start at 3 mo), don't expect it to make her sleep through the night. Ds is 15 mo and still waks 2-3 times during the night to nurse. He eats 3 solid meals and 3 snacks.

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