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Thread: Need advice regarding weaning

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    Default Need advice regarding weaning

    Hi all - I have a 9 month old and will be returning to work in 2.5 months. I need to start to wean her soon but we are going to Florida next week and my mother suggested I wait until after we return home from the trip to start weaning (flying so wanted to be able to nurse on the plane). The only problem is when we return home we are home for 2 week and then we have to move to a different city! Will this affect her?

    I think we will be ok eliminating the day time nursing by the time I get back to work however she really depends on it at night. She still wakes every 2-3 hours at night wanting to nurse back to sleep. What should I do - give her a bottle when she wakes at night? Then eventually hope she won't wake up anymore? This is so stressful for me as I don't mind the lack of sleep when I am off work as I just nap with her during the day if I am tired. Can't do that when I am working!!!

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    Default Re: Need advice regarding weaning

    They do recommend not weaning when your lo is going through a change such as moving. Do you want to fully wean or just night wean? It is possible to night wean but still nurse before and after work. Here is a link that discusses weaning more: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/weaning/index.html If you do decide to wean before 12 months you will need to introduce formula. Some bf babies are resistant to formula since it tastes so different from bm. Also, there are a lot of moms on here who have successfully worked and bf as well as pumped so their lo can have bm while they are at work. If you are interested in those things be sure to post questions in those forums.

    Good luck!
    Mom to Lainey (11-8-06)

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