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Thread: should I even bother pumping at work?

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    Default should I even bother pumping at work?

    My baby is currently 10 months old. I work 3 days a week and while at work I pump twice during the day (8 hours). I only get a total of 2 oz for the whole day. Obviously this isn't enough milk to feed my baby while I am away so he gets formula bottles. I exclusivley breastfeed the 4 days I'm home with him and the days I'm working I BF in the morning and twice at night.
    Because I don't get hardly anything while pumping at work should I just stop? Today I forgot my pump and went 10 hours without pumping and I don't even feel that full. Maybe my milk supply is just bad.
    What do you think?

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    Default Re: should I even bother pumping at work?

    i don't know..but my joke at work is that i will be pumping forever. i never got breaks before this so it's actually nice for me to sit alone with the woosh-woosh of my pump for ten minutes or so and just breathe! i've said i will be pretending to do this even after my lo has weaned himself! i pump once at work and only get about 3 ounces, maybe 3.5 if i'm lucky. i personally wouldn't give it up, it's 2 ounces less of formula you will use, right? have you thought of adding in more sessions? i pump once before i leave the house in the am and once before i leave work (it's not while working, so i'm saying this is another besides the one at lunch) and i also pump when my lo is sleeping at night. it's a lot of work but worth every drop!

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    Default Re: should I even bother pumping at work?

    Your supply is not bad! Most mothers who have bf for several months () don't necessarily get engorged when they skip a session. At least I don't. Those two ounces are still two ounces of bm which is still a great benefit for your lo. Have you thought about pumping a couple of times on your days off after a feeding so that you have enough expressed milk to offer on the days you work? That is always an option. If you are comfortable with only giving formula and not expressed bm at daycare then that is a decision only you can make. At 10 months I am not for sure if going 8 hours a couple of times a week will decrease your supply or not (for the days you are nursing). Hopefully someone else can chime in on that. Lots of moms stop pumping at 12 months and introduce other solids or cow's milk while nursing before/after work and on weekends without supply issues. I actually just recently stopped pumping at 15 months and have not had any issues.
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    Default Re: should I even bother pumping at work?

    I'm not really sure what I would do. Maybe drop down to one pumping session per day, in the middle of the day, just to make sure you're still stimulating your supply for the daytime feedings? That's frustrating to not get much out, but I'd lean towards still doing one pumping session regardless.

    If you wanted to try and give some bm for daycare during the day you might want to try pumping first thing in the morning - I literally pump at least double in the morning what I do any other time during the day. That could help build a little stash for your freezer. Sorry not much help!
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