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    Cool wake n feed

    Should I still wake him every 2.5 to 3 hours?

    He's 7 and a half weeks old, and now that he pretty much has his schedule worked out, if he's hungry, he'll wake up, right? I've pretty much been following the Baby Whisperer book, which I love, and we've pretty much got a routine down to where I can predict when he's gonna want to eat. The only time I question myself is when we're in the car, and have been for about 2.5 hours, and he's fallen asleep. Should I wake him at the 3 hour mark to feed him, or let him sleep until he decides it's time to eat?

    Just curious. As of right now, I still schedule our outings around our feedings, so it's not a big concern until I'm ready to NIP (when he stops being so noisy during feedings, snort, snort, grunt, sigh, coo)
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    I think at this point, you're safe to wait until he wakes up. Your supply is established and it sounds like things are going beautifully!
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    I asked the same question to my doc and she said that as long as your LO is gaining ok and thriving...let your LO work out their own feeding schedule.

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