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Thread: breastfeeding with breast implants

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    Hi All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im new to the board and Im 27 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. My oldest is 5yo and I nursed him for 16 months with no problems, but this was before I had breast augmentation last year. My question is, can I nurse this baby with saline breast implants?? and is there anything that I can be doing now to get my milk supply going before the baby is born?? My breasts havent gotten any larger and Im scared that Im not going to be able to nurse...


    dh- Beau-27
    Ayden- 5yo
    baby Landon on the way!!!! due Oct 3rd

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    I'm glad that your experience with your 5 yr old was so successful, and I really appreciate your wanting to nurse your new baby. Here is a link to some of LLL's resources about breastfeeding after breast surgery. Some of the resources deal specifically with augmentation, but you may find the other information useful as well. Breastfeeding after Breast Surgery

    Where are the incisions on your breast? Knowing this will help you determine whether or not your milk ducts and major nerves were cut. Incisions under your breasts or near your armpits may mean that the milk ducts and nerves weren't cut. Incisions around the edge of your areolae may mean that some of the milk ducts and major nerves have been cut. Do you have any feeling in your nipples and areolae? Numbness here might also indicate that nerves were cut during your surgery. If this is the case it may affect the amount of milk your baby receives when breastfeeding. You might be interested in Diana West's book "Defining your own success: Breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery." Although the book is not about augmentation, you may find that some of the information applies to your situation.

    Saline implants are considered safe for breastfeeding. If they leak, it's essentially salt water which will not harm you or your baby.

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