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Thread: OK to pump for night feeding help?

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    Between 4 to 16 weeks I did this about twice every 3 weeks. I didn't let myself go more than 6 hours without pumping or nursing and my husband wasn't allowed to give more than one bottle (or two "half" bottles). Plus I pumped extra before or after.

    I am very paranoid because I have an acquaintance who had low-milk supply because her husband gave bottles every night and she slept 8 hours. (What amazes me is that she doesn't know the two things are connected!)

    Now that I am working full-time I don't do it because I have already replaced so many feedings with pumping sessions.

    What worries me is that your husband says your loved one took the bottle so fast. Get the slowest flow nipple possible (and you never have to graduate to faster flow nipples-your breasts don't change flow rates so why should your bottle). Different brands of newborn nipples can have different flow rates. Also see this link:

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    Is it something you are wanting to do every night or just once in a while? I think if you are just wanting a few extra hours of sleep every so often it shouldn't be a problem, although you will most likely wake up engorged.
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    For the first 4 weeks I nursed my DS 100% then I needed a break, I couldn't do it, I was falling asleep during the night while feeding him so I pumped in the AM after he was done eatting and after each feeding during the day until I had enough for a full bottle sometimes even 2 bottles for my DS to have at night. Made my life SOOO much better. Around 6 or 8 weeks I had enough milk at night and stopped pumping and was able to feed him at night and life for me was GREAT.

    Every person's body and baby are differnt what might work for some wont for others. I say take it all in and then do what you think is right for you and baby! : ) good luck!

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