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Thread: Positioning & Pumping questions.

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    Default Positioning & Pumping questions.

    I have a couple questions..

    1. Ive read and heard that doing differnt BFing positions is best.
    But I prefer the football hold over all the others because my breast is so big, and still trying to get BFing down its easiest for me to control. Is it okay to only BF that one way!? Or should I change it up every couple of days or feedings?


    2. MY LC said that I shouldnt pump yet, because my LO is establishing my milk supply Ive been BFing for 4 weeks now and just wondering by when should my milk be established to her wantings? When can I pump and save? The only REASON I want to pump and save is so I can get out of the house by myself once in a while and then my husband can watch her and feed her that way.

    I hope my questions arent dumb.

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    Default Re: Positioning & Pumping questions.

    I also only feed in the football position and haven't thought twice about it maybe causing problems... I will deffinately be watching this post.

    No question is a stupid question, it's only stupid when you have a question that you don't ask. You're doing the right thing by seeking help and support from mothers who have been there and done that.

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    Default Re: Positioning & Pumping questions.

    I've heard that different positions allow them to access different milk ducts. I rotate between football and just laying him in front of me on the boppy.

    As far as pumping goes, I pump between feedings currently and I haven't had any major problems. Mind you I only get about 1 ounce between both breasts because it's between feedings instead of replacing feedings. I do it for the same reason you said, sometimes it's nice to be able to have "me time". It's my emergency backup plan for when Grandma babysits

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    Default Re: Positioning & Pumping questions.

    I have always nursed in the cross cradle position...with my first for 16.5 months and currently with my 7 month old. I think when you find something that works for you both, no need to mess with it.

    Usually after 6 weeks your supply is established and you can start pumping. The reason it's kind of pointless before then is b/c you just won't get very much. If you're just trying to build a freezer stash, about an hour after your first morning feeding is a good time.

    Your questions are most certainly good ones! Congrats on your successful breastfeeding!
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    Default Re: Positioning & Pumping questions.

    Don't worry about position...if you found one that works, go with it. By the time you've weaned your LO you would have BF in positions that look like they belong in a crazy game of Twister! (A funny visual, my LO hated her car seat at first and would only calm down enough for a trip if I fed her to sleep...WHILE she was sitting in the car seat all buckled in! Yes...I twisted and bent and did some awfully funny things to make it work, but I figured it out. And so will you if you have to )

    Second, in addition to what the others said about low supply the first few weeks, I found that the more often that I pumped, the more milk that came out. Not just in the supply-and-demand way, but I think my breasts actually "got used" to the pump.

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