Subj:Too little feeding, frequent feeding and fussy due to gas


This is about ou son..He nurses for about 6-7 minutes.then

fusses.cries.i have to take him off the breast, then try amuse

him or wait until he clears up his discomfort-mostly poops or

tries to. seems he has some gas from me.i burp him also and he

spits or hiccups.when i reintroduce breats (coz 5 minute sor so

nursing is too less and i am afraid if he is getting enough,

whiel previous weight checks for 10 minute nursing were fine,

indicating weight gain), i am worried about these 5 minute and

irregualr periodic nursing (he is 6 week old.this second time he

cries or fusses though the breast is in his mouth.
i treid amusing him by palying sounds to him or singing
nothhing works
itis getting ahrd to know why he fusses or wouldnt sleep or

wouldnt nurse.we try real hard my walking him etc to soothe him

or make him sleep.
he does spit out some milk and vomits some.(not always, once or

twice a week)

I even reduced the kind of foods ii eat to avoid his gassiness.right now i am only on tomato, lentils,soup, lactaid,rice ,apple,oatmeal and white bread,what else can i cut down, to see whats the culprit for gas.
any help greatly appreciated