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    Ok so I really want to stop giving him formula... I have added one more pump session at work (totally of 3 - 10-20mins). I am also going to resume pumping in the morning. and twice at in the evening.

    Me and pills don't work. So I am not sure if the fenugreek wasn't work or me not taking it right.

    As anyone had sucess with Mother's Milk Tea? Is there a brand that works better than the other? IF not that is there something else? I drink .5L of water at each pump session. I eat oatmeal almost everyday.

    I did clean my pump, but I still don't have good suction and I chagned the membrane. I am buying a new valve and membrane today.

    Does anyone have a double pump that isn't Medela or Ameda that they like? I was thinking of buying one (which I think will help a lot) but I don't have $200 to pay for it (saving for trip to orlando!!)
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    Hi! When my ds was born he failed to gain any weight between week 2 and 3 so the LC had me do all sorts of things and one of them was to drink the mother's milk tea. I guess it helped (although I'm not sure my supply was the issue- he just wasn't feeding enough) because now he is a bruiser! Couldn't hurt to try, though, right?
    You could try renting a hospital grade pump for a few weeks to see if your pump is the problem. I have a friend who can't pump anything without a hospital grade one. They aren't pretty, but they will get the milk out! Plus it will be a little easier on the wallet than buying a whole new one. She rented hers from the LC's at the hospital. Good luck!

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    Laninoh makes one that's pretty much the same as the Ameda Purely Yours. It's purple but other than that the same thing. I'm not sure how much it is, but supposed to be cheaper than the Ameda.

    It's probably your pump - if you cant get a good one you could always try to hand express! See how much a hospital grade rental is too, THATS a good pump.

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