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Thread: New and nervous

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzy's Mommy View Post
    Trust in your body! It is very rare that a mom can't breastfeed, there are few instances where that is the case!
    i just want to piggyback off this and add, ....trust in baby, too. it's sometimes hard to believe that something so little and new knows exactly what to do...there are times where the feeding durations and frequencies will throw you for a loop, but just go with it and keep right on feeding. they know when they're hungry and when they need to build up your milk supply as they get ready for a growth spurt.

    it can be exhausting at times, and during those late night frequent feedings and rough patches, i remember to watch my LO as he is feeding. looking down at such a precious lil' thing reminds me to cherish these bonding moments. and when you get those innocent lil' eyes looking up at you, it just makes you want to melt.

    congrats on the coming of your baby boy!! and welcome to mommy-hood!
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    Welcome Welcome!

    I also did not get a chance to attend any classes or meeting and new NOTHING about breastfeeding except what was covered in our Prepared Childbirth classes, which was very little. I knew I wanted to breastfeed and that was it. I made my wishes known at the hospital and asked for help when I needed it and made it known formula was not an option. I trusted in my body and his natural ability. We have been nursing for 14 months! There were some rough patches and again that is when I reached out for help especially here, you will get lots of support and guidance. My mom breastfed my brothers and sister but has a very go with the "flow" attitude about it and taught me to relax and let me body and his need take over. It's not all fun and games but so worth every second!

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    Congratulations! You are definitely on the right track. I agree with all the pp. Trust in yourself and your body's ability to do what it was meant to do. If you haven't read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding from LLL I would get a copy of that. You can order it directly through LLL or most libraries and bookstores carry it too. If you aren't able to attend a local LLL meeting before the birth I would at least take the number of your local leader to the hospital with you just in case you need reassurance.

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    Congratulations! Looking back, the things I wish someone had told me about breastfeeding are:
    -nurse as soon as you can after you deliver
    -don't worry about a schedule for feeding
    -it's okay to fall asleep with baby in the hospital bed!
    -do not allow baby to receive a bottle (if there is a medical reason to supplement, you can use another feeding method)
    -ask for help from lactation consultant as much as you can
    -nursing will be the biggest priority the first 6 weeks, and that is normal, so don't worry about anything else
    -sleep when the baby sleeps, whenever possible

    Good luck! Your body was made to do this, and you will be successful!!!

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    Welcome! Here are some key points, which I'd give if someone told me they did not do any research on breastfeeding:

    Make sure your baby latches on well since it is key to get a good start on breastfeeding.

    Nurse as soon as you can after delivery, since that is when babies are most alert.

    Expect your baby to lose weight (up to 10 % sometimes) in the first week. It can take 2 wks to get back to the baby's birth weight or a little longer. If your baby is pooping and peeing enough that's really how you know if he/she is eating enough.

    Don't time feedings and let your little come off when he/she is done. Switching your breasts as most nurses will advise can lead to an oversupply, which will get in the way of getting off to a good start. You always want to start using the breast you last used. So if you offered the left and right in one feeding, you would start on the right for the 2nd feeding. You can use a ring on your finger to help you remember.

    Be prepared with the idea that your little one will want to nurse often in the beginning...that is what most newborns do. It's tiring but will be well worth is in the end for both of you!

    Make sure the nurses in the nursery know that you want to bf..note that you don't want your baby to get any bottles or a pacifer.

    I posted hundreds of questions before my LO was born, so feel free to look at my threads, since they may answer some of your questions. Good luck and come back to us for support!
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    There are so many things I wish I had known about breastfeeding before my LO was born. We took a breastfeeding class offered through the hospital but we still ended up needing a lot of outside support.

    - Check out drjacknewman.com - watch the breastfeeding clips, read the handouts, etc.
    - Hopefully you have a pediatrician who is pro-breastfeeding. If not, get one! When we were in the hospital the nurses ultimately gave my LO formula because of "low blood sugar." Turned out the pediatrician didn't think it was low enough to justify formula, and had I enlisted her help when the nurses told us we had to give it to her we probably would have avoided a lot of future problems.
    - If you can find a breastfeeding clinic, make an appointment as soon as your baby is born (as well as seeing the LC in the hospital). I know all of our local hospitals offer them so hopefully yours will as well. Go as many times as you need to feel confident and comfortable! By the time my LO was too old to go to the clinic anymore, we had been three times, seen two LC's in the hospital and called the help line a bazillion times.
    - It's true that breastfeeding is not supposed to be painful. But it's not always easy in the beginning. Just try to stay positive if you have any difficulties and recognize that it will get better!
    - A pp mentioned the need for a support system. I second this wholeheartedly! If you have any troubles, the people who love you may encourage you to stop bfing and give formula just because they want to see you happy and pain-free. That's what happened to me. But I was so determined to make it work that every time my husband suggested we should give her formula, I put it off by saying, "Maybe next time. Let me just try this again." "Next time" turned into 10 weeks and counting!

    Best of luck and congratulations!!

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    Congrats! I agree with all PP, all good advice! I was so nervous before my DD arrived. I really wanted to BF but wasn't sure I could do it. Luckly it all came naturally to DD and I and we had no troubles. One thing I did was have the lactation consultant come into my hospital room on three seperate feedings to show me different positions for nursing. Reading about or having someone tell you positions before hand is one thing, but having your baby there and actually being in the correct position is so much better! Also, DON'T GIVE UP!!!! Like a pp said, it's not supposed to hurt, but at first there definately is some pain with LO learning how to latch and nipple soreness. If you become uncomfortable, just think of what you are giving to your baby and hopefully that will help! Good luck to you, I am sure you will do amazing!!
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