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Thread: new-to-solids poop

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    My little girl is 8 months old (she was early, so she's really 6.5 months adjusted). She has been taking little bits of different things over the last month- her favorite being brown rice cereal (which we really limit d/t constipation worries) and avacado- but she doesn't really eat much when we sit down to feed her- she tastes, and explores and then refuses, so we don't push it.

    She has always had a delicate gut- a once or maybe twice a week pooper since she was a few weeks old, gets really gassy if i eat icecream . until she stated eating solids, her poo was always runny normal BF poo- she just saved it up- i wouldn't say she was constipated- but I'm worried about it now that things are getting a bit more solid

    anyone have any words of wisdom about new to solids baby poo? what should i expect? how did things change for your babe? good first foods to prevent constipation?

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    Ds' poop really hasn't changed much since he started eating solids, and he's almost 15 mo. It's different colours and smells a lot worse, but it's still really mushy and always has been. He was always one to go 3-5 days btwn poops while ebf, and even since eating solids he doens't always poop every single day, but it's never hard or dry, so I don't worry.

    I would say the best thing to do is make sure you're always nursing before offering solids and never limiting her breastmilk intake. Breastmilk is the very best natural laxative for babies. Ds nursed at least 8 times in 24 hours until he was 11 mo. He still nurses at least 6 times most days, usually much more often.

    Solids that help prevent costipation include peaches, pears, apricots, and prunes as well as whole grains due to thier fibre content. You definately want to avoid overly processed grains such as most commercial infant cereal, though ds ate some small amoutns of this and never had a problem.

    Her poops may be more "solid" and formed, but so long as they're neither hard nor dry and don't look like pellets, it's still fine, healthy, and normal. I'm still waiting for this type of solid formed poop from ds; it's so much easier to clean up!

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