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Thread: Toddler Nutrition

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    Default Toddler Nutrition

    I'm going to be very gradually weaning Evan over the next year (VERY GRADUAL) and I'm wondering...what is the appropriate nutrition for a toddler?
    He's on a vegetable strike right now and I'm having a tough time getting him to eat anything that's not protein/dairy/carbs/blueberries...I'm gonna have to start hiding his veggies like Jessica Seinfeld Any recommendations on how to get a kid to stop being so dang picky? I've tried mashing his carrots and potatoes up and "squishing" his chicken or salmon or whatever in with it, but he dissects it and picks all of the stuff off of it then shovels it in his mouth.
    Oh, and yeah...he does drink about a half a cup of whole cows milk a day (just to get used to something other than the boob.)
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    Default Re: Toddler Nutrition

    Ha ha I like how you wrote blueberries. And it's funny because my LO is obsessed with them!

    Check here maybe:

    Nutrition for Nursing Toddlers

    Also I think Dr. Sears has some great info:

    Feeding Infants and Toddlers. There's a section on feeding picky eaters.

    My own personal approach is, I put healthy food in front of her, and if she doesn't eat it, I take it away and forget about it. I give "mini-meals" every 2 hours or so, she's not going to starve. I trust her to take in as much as she really needs, no substitutions to coax her into eating just anything because I'm feeling desperate. Honestly I think they need less to eat than most people think, particularly if they're still getting breastmilk. Anyway, that's my two cents.
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    Default Re: Toddler Nutrition

    Read "My Child Won't Eat!" Bottom line: don't push it, don't freak out. Just offer good stuff (ie, not empty calories) and he will figure out the rest.

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