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Thread: Crying

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    Oh boy do I remember those days. Caitlyn would get fussy around 6 pm every night and the only thing that would make her happy was nursing or being held/in a sling.

    The good news is, they do outgrow it. Now at 10 months she no longer has a certain time where she is fussy/needy. Although the downside is that she is a busy little girl and doesn't sit still for long. I kinda miss holding her for hours
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    Oh man, I remember this. It was constant nursing from cry o'clock til he fell asleep -- sometimes around 11 or later i was so glad that i was able to calm him with nursing, even though there were times when my nipples felt like they were going to fall off.

    but like everyone else said, they do grow out of it. magically at about 12 weeks it stopped.

    and god bless dr. harvey karp!

    good luck

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