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    Hello ladies! My LO is almost 6 months old, and we've begun to attempt to introduce solids, as a suggestions from her doctor. Every time we have attempted to feed her, as soon as the food is on her tongue, she gags. Not only will she gag, but she will begin to violently vomit everything in her stomach. She will hold her breath and change color and everything, it is scary. Obviously, I am not going to try to feed her solids again for a while, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Does it take time for the EBF baby to learn how to work their tongue? Should I be concerned that this is something medically wrong with her?

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    I wouldn't worry that there's something wrong with her... and I would indeed hold off for a while. Maybe until she can manage the food herself (and not be fed)

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    What foods are you trying? Maybe she is allergic? I'd wait like 2 weeks then try again. Maybe she has a REALLY bad gag reflex?
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    I agree. Wait...we started offering around 6-7 months. And continued offering "baby foods" (pureed fruits/veggies) once in a while (every weeks or so). DD is now 11+ months old and has just in the last 3-4 weeks begun eating solid foods...she refused being spoon fed, so she started eating when she could pick bits up by herself. She's totally fine and I've heard of lots of other babies who've done the same. At your LO's age, breastmilk offers more calories ounce-for-ounce than any baby food you can offer...it's the perfect food for her. Remember that solid foods in the first year of life should be for the purpose of experimenting with textures and flavors. Sounds like you've found the results of the first experiment...

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    So far we've tried rice cereal, applesauce, rice cereal with applesauce, and peas. We've tried these foods a few different times with violent vomiting as the result each time. It does seem as though her gag reflex is extremely sensitive. This is my third child, and this baby I've BF longer than the other two , but I never had any problems with my other kids and solids. Does it take longer for the breasfed baby to figure out how to eat? She seems to need more than just breastfeeding because she is still eating throughout the night. And whenever we are eating she is really interested. I don't know...you would think the third time around I'd have it all figured out, but each of my kids has been sooooooo different.

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