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Thread: Weaning 2 feeding for 6 week old baby -

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    Unhappy Weaning 2 feeding for 6 week old baby -

    Hi -

    My Sister-in-Law is a teacher - unfortunately she must return to work when the baby is 6 weeks old. She is unable to pump during the day because she has to go from one school to another and time does not permit. She returns to work on March 27th - 3 1/2 weeks away. Right now she feeds every 3 hours - she will still feed at 6:30am then has to wean the baby off of a 9:30am & 12:30pm feeding and will be home for the next feeding at 3:30pm and will then keep the rest of the feedings - what is the best way to go about stopping the 2 feedings?

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    Will she be able to feed the baby wherever she is leaving him, as soon as she drops him off?

    You say she is going inbetween 2 schools. Will she be in a car? She can use a hand pump (or even battery operated one, and I think they have some that plug into cigarette lighter) while she is in the car at some point. I know my friend used to do it in the car while she was driving, using some sort of hands-free bra thing.

    I know some women are able to tailor feedings so that the baby sleeps a little more during the day, and they add a night time feeding. They likely also keep baby on the breast more often and longer, while they are with baby.

    It actually doesn't sound like she'll be away from baby terribly long, and tailoring might be do-able. Just seems fairly young for that.

    Sometimes women can have larger storage capacities (especially if their breasts are larger) and are able to go for longer periods in between feedings without it affecting supply.

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    Can you be more specific about her work schedule?
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    Her work should allow her time on site to pump. She can ask a doctor to write a letter to her employer. If she wants to keep up her supply for all the other feedings, she will probably need to pump during the day at least once.

    While a body will adjust to supply and demand, its important to keep up the overall supply. Meaing if she is trying to keep up the supply for the rest of the day, her breast will get full during the time she is at work. So, no matter what she will need to pump to relieve some pressure.

    I know she teaches and cant get time away, but she will need to pump out some of the that milk I think.

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