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Thread: Milk gone bad?

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    Default Milk gone bad?

    Hi Everyone,

    I pumped a bottle at 3am today and left it on the counter sealed. I put it in the fridge around 10am. Will this last 5-6 days now? Or because I left it sealed on the counter it isnt good anymore??????


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    Fresh milk is fine at room temperature for 8 hours. I don't know that keeping it around for 5ish days would make a difference? If I had this question, I'd call the lactation consultant at our hospital...

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    It's fine for baby until baby rejects it basically.

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    from what I have been told, you will KNOW when the milk is bad by smell. personally I do the sniff test on every bottle when I'm getting milk ready for a sitter or whatever. That is just a habit, I do the same on food I'm going to eat myself.

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