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Thread: Has anyone tried this?

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    Default Has anyone tried this?

    Hi everyone,

    My son is cutting teeth () and while searching for ways to care for his teeth I found this: http://www.teething-teeth.com/XylitolBabyTooth.html

    What do you guys think? Sounds convenient but is it really good?
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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    they look kind of scary to me...but i am kind of the squeamish type at times! i would think that using a cloth with maybe baking soda or something would work just fine.

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    They have these at my daughter's daycare. The caregivers had parents sign a slip saying whether or not we wanted them to wipe down the child's gums (or teeth, if they have them) once per day, after a feeding. I think out of 8 babies in her room, only 1 parent said yes? We said "no" because I thought it was unnecessary...

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    A wet washcloth is all you need.
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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    It seems unnecessary to me as well. I particularly like this quote, though:
    "As a practicing pediatrician, I have seen firsthand the effects of "nursing milk decay" and "baby bottle mouth"."

    I've never heard of nursing milk decay, but I looked it up and found this article:

    We used the wet washcloth too, fwiw.
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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    We bought DD a baby toothbrush and she loves chewing on it. I figure it's good to get her used to the toothbrush early. We do try to "brush" her teeth and gums, but I figure that the chewing she does on it is probably just as good
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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    I'm one of those weird less-is-best moms who avoid interfering with nature as much as possible.

    Those rotten teeth only occur in extreme cases and are really rare. Look around at all of the kids that you see day to day. I bet you'd only see one kid (if that) out off the hundreds that you come across with yucky teeth.

    That being said, sometimes you just have to go with your gut

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    Quote Originally Posted by NolaMomma View Post
    A wet washcloth is all you need.
    I feel stupid! Why have I been fighting with DD over "brushing" her teeth? I'm gonna start just wiping them and letting her "chew" on her toothbrush instead.
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