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    Hello everybody!

    I hope somebody can help me out with this basic or dumb question I have...
    My DD will be 1 yr this coming Wednesday, she only eats cereal and jar food. I think we will start giving her grown up food, like chicken, bread, bread, cheese and you know all of that good stuff... What I would like to know is if we have to try with the same food for 3-4 days in a row just like what we did with veggies and fruits... you know to see any allergic reaction.

    Any thoughts?


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    Well, i guess the answer depends, if she hasnt reacted to any food so far then you can be a bit realxed, but if she is allergic to certain foods or if allergies runs in the family then you better follow the 3-4 days rule (I have to admite I never followed that rule after he turned 8 months old ).

    Be extra watchful when you introduce milk products to her and other allergens that are in the top 8.


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    I agree that it depends.

    We always erred on the side of caution and did the full 3-4 days of waiting just to make sure. We have no food allergies in the family but I wanted to take it very easy and make sure.

    So I think it is just what you would be comfortable with at this point.

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