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Thread: Can This Be Reversed?

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    OK. So my ds is now 4 months old. Nursing has been rather irregular since the beginning. Here is the main thing. He eats so much in the night! Every 1 to 3 hours. Nursing and swallowing for 20 to 30 minutes. This alone is not what is bothering me. It's that during the day he hardly eats at all. He snacks every 2 to 5 hours. Maybe eating through half of my letdown. but litrally snacking. Maybe eating a good fill once a day. His diapers are usually good, he is gaining well, and is happy and alert. I have tried to get him to eat more in the day in hopes to reverse the pattern, but have never been able to. I don't want to starve him at night in order for him to eat more in the day. Any suggestions?

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    Since his diapers are good and he is gaining, I'd just go with it. Nap when he naps to stay ahead of the sleep deprivation if you can.
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    I would think that you could somehow reverse that. I dont know how much of that I could take lol!! My LO nurses at night for about 5-10 mins a session. The day time feeds are longer. Maybe you could pop the babe off after 10 or 15 minutes and try to do that at night but then during the day let the babe eat as long as he likes.

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    I have an idea. Why don't you do some pumping during the day. Then let your husband feed the pumped milk from a bottle for one or two of the night feedings. That will get you some more sleep. It may also help change the cycle, so that your LO may want more during the day. Just a thought, and okay if you think this is not the way you want to go.

    My LO is 7 and half months old, and all these months of no sleep are getting to me, so I feel for you!

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    My LO started to do that, and I realized that we were just too busy during the day. I like to be out and about. I have no problem NIP, but he is just too distracted by it some days. SO I have been staying home more, nursing him down for naps in the bedroom where it's dark, turning off the TV. The decrease in distraction has helped him get better feeds during the day. His feeds at night decreased a bit for a while. . . but now he's having another growth spurt!

    The nap nursing really helped, now that I think about it more. I think the half-asleep, really undistracted time got him to nurse really well (20 minutes or more, which is a lot for us).
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