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Thread: Need Help w/ Weaning to Breast from Nipple Shield and Bottle

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    Unhappy Need Help w/ Weaning to Breast from Nipple Shield and Bottle

    Hi all,

    I am the first time mom of a 10-day old newborn girl. We are encountering problems transistioning her back to bare breastfeeding from using a silicone breast shield and bottle feeding her.

    I'm enclosing an excerpt of an email I sent to the certified lactation consultant I am working with who is also a La Leche League member. I am sure I am not the first person to have this problem and I am sure I won't be the last. I am hoping a wider community of minds may have an idea or two that the consultant and I haven't thought of.


    We did some more work with Marcy tonight.

    I first tried her with the nipple shield then without.
    I then got a bottle and examined what she is doing
    with that.
    The key I found is to watch where her lower lip is
    what it is doing.
    She flanges well with the upper lip.
    She does flange with the lower lip BUT, she either
    quickly or covertly moves it in after
    opening wide.
    On the slipperly silicone of the bottle and the nipple
    shield this is easy for her to do.
    However, she can't get away with it so well on the
    breast or at least when they're softer.
    This makes her very frustrated and angry, very strong

    The other thing I've discovered or realized is that it
    does seem a little easier to get her to
    latch correctly and with less fuss using a football
    hold rather than a cross cradle. It seems
    to me because of the shape of my breast the contour
    in cross cradle is more round
    making it harder to latch correctly, while the outer
    contour is more amenable to her efforts
    in a foot ball hold.

    When she was first born in her early latching days at
    the hospital she did not have this
    problem. She consistently latched correctly. This is a
    style that has developed over the
    past week, probably because of the use of the bottle
    and the nipple shield, which she is
    now quite fond of.

    The challenge is what to do to change her latch style
    now that she have a style that she is
    very devoted to that is incompatible with bare nipple

    The ancilliary problem I've discovered is that because
    of her style the ducts on my areola
    are not being drained properly and are backing up. The
    only way I can now relieve the
    pressure in them is to pump because of her latch style

    It seems the only way to get her to latch properly is
    to make that her only option for
    feeding. However, is such a harse approach really
    appropriate for a less than 2 week old
    newborn. Aren't proper nourishment and hydration of
    greater importance.

    I guess the other $64000 question is how important is
    it to feed her bare breasted. The
    alternatives are to continue to use the nipple shield
    and pump and bottle. I'd rather get
    her to nurse bare with a correct latch.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Default Re: Need Help w/ Weaning to Breast from Nipple Shield and Bottle

    Have you tired "flipping" her lower lip once she's latched on? Frequently my son latches on without flanging his lower lip, but then I just put my finger on his chin and reach to flip his lower lip and all is well.

    Also, have you seen this article from kellymom about weaning from a nipple shield?


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