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Thread: Do you wean after 1 year or by 1 year?

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    Red face Do you wean after 1 year or by 1 year?

    My LO is eleven months old and I am starting to think about weaning her. I know they say to breastfeed up to a year, but do I keep doing what I'm doing until 1 and then start weaning or can I start weaning now? She breastfeeds 5 times a day and eats solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner and takes water from a sippy cup pretty well.

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    Default Re: Do you wean after 1 year or by 1 year?

    Does she and do you want to wean?

    You actually started the weaning process the moment you gave your baby something besides breastmilk. So, it's begun!

    Your baby needs either breastmilk or formula until one year old. After that, you can safely give her whole cow's milk, if you want. At a year, she'll need about 16 ounces per day of a combination of your breastmilk, cow's milk, cheese, yogurt, or other dairy. That's in addition to other table food.

    Some moms want to be done breastfeeding by a year, so they start actively weaning before the first birthday. Other moms decide to keep nursing longer. When you do decide to wean, you probably already know it will have to be gradual, like eliminate one nursing session every couple of weeks or so.

    For various reasons, my first baby didn't nurse after 10.5 months. These babies, though, are still nursing at least 5 times a day at 15 months. Here's what I have LOVED about still nursing:
    - I don't have to buy whole milk.
    - I don't have to worry about them being picky eaters (they get a lot of what they need from breastmilk).
    - I can nurse them through illness.
    - I can so easily calm them or keep them quiet (a little suck-a-suck and they're ready to face the world).
    - I can put them back to sleep very easily.
    - I can eat ice cream every now and then and know I'll burn it off nursing!
    - Once or twice a day, I can sit down to watch TV or read a book.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Do you wean after 1 year or by 1 year?

    My understanding is that breastmilk (or formula) is supposed to make up the majority of a child's diet up to the age of one year. So I've always assumed that weaning should take place after the 1 year mark has been reached.

    I can totally understand being ready to wean! Nursing is a huge commitment of time and energy. But as the mom of a nursing 2 year old, I agree with the PP that there are a lot of benefits to going longer.

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    Default Re: Do you wean after 1 year or by 1 year?

    We are in the same situation, just turned 11 months old. I started introducing small amounts of whole milk about 2 weeks ago, however she has had some very nasty poopy diapers so we have stopped. I am going to wait and see if eliminating this will help. I would like to be done around one year for personal reasons, I think it's silly to introduce formula now so we'll just have to wait and see. Good Luck and congrats on making it this far.

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    Default Re: Do you wean after 1 year or by 1 year?

    This thread has some great reads about weaning experience and when it happened!
    Mother - Wife - Artist - Cook - Writer - EnvironMENTAList - Cloth Diaperer (but we are soooo done with diapers) - Organic Health Nut...I'm sure there's more.

    DD1 - 12/15/05 Breastfed for 16.5 months
    DD2 - 8/6/07 Breastfed for 3 whole years and 3 little, extra days.

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    Default Re: Do you wean after 1 year or by 1 year?

    my oldest weaned at about 6 months
    My 2nd baby at about 29 months with a little push from mom.
    My 3rd baby was about 18 months old and I was pg with little sister
    Little sister self weaned shortly after her 4th birthday...

    there are lots of benfits to nursing that done end just cause baby turns 1
    if your not ready to wean and baby isn't ready to wean thats ok.

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    Default Re: Do you wean after 1 year or by 1 year?

    Hi mama.

    Gradual weaning can be started when a mother or baby feels like the breastfeeding relationship is no longer working. Simple slow steps towards offering other things, diverting attention, offering choices, and the "don't offer-don't refuse" trick, have all assisted some mother's with weaning.

    Have you done any reading on the subject yet?

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