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Thread: Gradual Weaning is Not Going Well

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    Default Gradual Weaning is Not Going Well

    I was hoping to gradually wean my 14 months old twins, but my original game plan failed. I work two days a week, and would leave three bottles each with the nanny. I could no longer keep up with pumping enough for their bottles and my stash was just about gone, so I decided to introduce a little whole milk to their bottles to make up the difference. Once they got used to having whole milk, I had hoped to replace a nursing session here and there (mostly the ones after meals). Well after a few mixed bottles one of my boys decided to protest by refusing to take a bottle. Now he will no longer take a bottle or a sippy cup with any kind of milk, cow or BM. He will take water out of a sippy.

    Has anyone experienced this? If so, what did you do? For now we are giving him two servings of yogurt and some cheese when he is with the nanny, but I am concern about him not getting enough calcium and fluids, even though he has access to water all day.


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    Default Re: Gradual Weaning is Not Going Well

    Since they are still nursing right now, I would not worry about calcium. I nursed 3 who were allergic to all dairy products (and many other foods) and they were able to get the calcium they needed. When he is with the nanny, you could just keep a cup of water available for him to drink from whenever he will. Also, applesauce has tons of water, so does soup. Try "wet" foods to fool him.


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    Default Re: Gradual Weaning is Not Going Well

    I would just let him drink water and eat solids. If he's still nursing with you then there is really no need for bottles of EBM.

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